Data Protection for Virtual Data Centers

ISBN : 978-0470572146

About the Book

Have you ever bought a book on SQL Server, but really only wanted the chapter on Database Mirroring or Replication?   Or scoured through Exchange sessions at a conference, just looking for info on CCR or DAG?

Have you ever been reluctant to deploy MSCS failover clustering because of complexity issues or bad first experiences in the early days? 

Are some of your IT services "highly reslient" while others are "simple installs with backups" only?

Are you exasperated with "disaster recovery" industry-, regulatory- or business-jargon; while you are trying to map the goals back to IT mechanisms that you can actually implement?

Me too !!

This book is meant as your one-resource for all things "Data Protection and Data Availability" in a modern Windows infrastructure.

The chapter and topic list includes:

  1. The Evolving Landscape of Data Protection
  2. Data Protection by the Numbers
  3. The Layers of Data Protection
  4. Better Backups *
  5. Windows File Services
  6. Windows Failover Clustering
  7. Microsoft Exchange
  8. Microsoft SQL Server
  9. Virtualization
  10. Deployment & Management
  11. Systems Monitoring
  12. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


ISBN-13: 978-0470572146

ISBN-10: 0470572140

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